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  • register the domain in your own name (the name of an individual);
  • list yourself as the administrative contact and the technical contact of the domain name;
  • pay via a PayPal verified account that is in your name (very important: check that the name that you enter into this form matches your name in PayPal).

If you do this, your application will be processed automatically.

There are two main reasons why you should follow the instructions above:

If a domain name is ordered in the name of a company or another individual, the administrative contact needs to present a letter of attorney from the the other party. It takes time to verify this document and the registration process slows down.

.EE TLD rules require all domain orders to be signed digitally OR authorised via a transfer from a PayPal verified account belonging to either the domain registrar or administrative contact. It is practically impossible for a foreign person to sign the application. Thus the need to use PayPal.

.ee domain registration with paypal

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